About Us
AIB Corporation for quality clothing industries, is one of the top leading sports wear manufacturing companies in Pakistan. Our products vary from standard T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Tracksuits, Shorts, Martial Arts Uniforms, Socks, Denim up to the most complex, fashionable and stylish garments which conform to the quality standards and the customers requirements.

The company, established during the 2010, is a concern of the "Talon Sports (Pvt) Ltd. Sialkot" for trading and sports industry. It started with a humble setup of about 100 sewing machine floor, 10,000 square fts., with total production capacity approx. 1000 garments a day and now we are increasing our work capacity day to day.

AIB Corporation has great skill, motivation, determination, innovation, persistence and quality standards and is firmly adhered to the international quality norms and always exploit these good principles to it's employees to get the best out of them.

Company's core business is to provide sportswear, workwear, forces uniforms and regular textile items for leading brands across the globe.

The company offers all services in-house; one-stop customized orders. Our sewing capacity is 25,000 monthly.

In international market we are best known for our quality and are possible among the top few major manufacturers of garments in the country.

AIB Corporation has orders from all over the world; our emphasis is on quality deliver and fair pricing. The business ethics honesty and confidentiality are our strength.

AIB Corporation is grateful to all customers for their trust confidence business and wishes that future would see new demands and growth in your business, which will drive us to grow in strength and quality.

Ansir Iqbal Baryar